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The best path for Samo Trading to expand and diversify their business portfolio was to have direct sales to end users, capitalizing on the available production and warehousing facilities. Hence, through a huge fleet that is owned and operated by Samo Trading as well as numerous agents across the main urban and rural regions in Egypt, the company’s pre-packed products have started to be distributed through the above-mentioned channels. Ever since this business section has been developed, lots of systemized improvements have been implemented to the marketing plans, brand identity, distribution strategies and packaging mechanisms.

According to the latest face lifting done for the branded Abu Auf pre-packed SKU’s, the following sub-categories have been designed in order to have a clearer and more descriptive communication with customers about the products’ variety:


This category is designed to include all nuts, kernels & crackers that undergo the basic processing techniques (for Example: roasting and salting with different grades). On shelf, this category is found in bags and tubs carrying Abu Auf’s main identity color (ORANGE)


This sub-category includes basically all nuts, kernels and crackers whose processing techniques would add up a lot to the basic product’s taste, feel, smell and/or look, turning the product to a more “delightful & indulgable” one. Examples of these techniques are flavoring and coating. Sky is the limit for ideas of what can be developed. These packs are to be displayed in their new PURPLE packs on shelf.